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Director, Performer, Producer

Recent Productions

New Play Lab, William Inge Theatre Festival. Independence, Kansas. Director.

Climate Change Theatre Action 2021. The EcoTheatre Lab/Iowa State University. Director, Tour Producer.

Climate Change Theatre Action, ISU Theatre/The EcoTheatre Lab, 2019. Consultant, Producer, Photographer.

Code Red: Faith. Ames Public Library, 2019. Director, Producer, Actor.

The One Day Plays. Iowa State University, 2019. Artistic Director, Producer.

Heal the Divide on Campus. Parks Library. Iowa State University, 2019. Director, Producer.

Recognize Me. Film, forthcoming. Writer, Director, Editor.

Forget Me Not and Vasa Lisa (scenes). Kira Obolensky Lecture, Iowa State University, 2019. Producer, Actor.

Haunted Halloween, Parks Library, Iowa State University, 2018. Writer, Director.

Gun Control Theatre Action. ReAct Gallery, Iowa State University, 2018. Producer, Director, Actor.

Check Your Ticket. Page & Palette, Alabama, 2018. Writer, Actor. 

Heal the Divide Theatre Action. ReAct Gallery, Iowa State University, 2018. Writer, Director, Producer.

Climate Change Theatre Action, The EcoTheatre Lab/ISU, 2017. Producer, Directing Mentor, Photographer.

The Chisera (scenes).  Paula Cizmar Lecture, Iowa State University, 2017.  Director, Actor.

Sila, Forward (scenes). Chantal Bilodeau Lecture, Iowa State University, 2016. Director, Actor.

The Birds. Iowa State University Theatre, 2016. Actor.

Female Playwrights Onstage Project. Iowa State University, 2016, 2015. Director, Producer.

Check Your Ticket. DMACC Celebration of the Literary Arts, 2014. Writer, Actor. 

Just Like Shirley. Iowa High School Speech Association Competition, 2014. Writer, Director.

Meet Me Halfway, Granite Performing Arts Center, 2013. Writer, Director, Producer, Designer.

Tomorrow's Theatre Tonight. Script reading/development series, Arizona, 2006-13. Co-Founder, Producer, Director, Actor.

The One Day Plays. Prescott College Theatre, 2006-13. Artistic Director, Producer, Writer.   

(touch.) Dirty Laundry Play Festival, Prescott Center for the Arts, 2011. Director.

The Guys. The Artist's Path, Arizona, 2011 & 2010. Actor.

The Great Alphabet Adventure, Granite Performing Arts Center & Regional School Tour, 2011. Director, Producer, Designer.



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