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Sample scripts are available to read on the New Play Exchange.

Full-Length and One-Act Plays

    How Long is Fifteen Minutes?

    Our Antigone

    The Figurehead

    Tennessee Rook

    Marked Cards

    Lydia's Plan


​    The King's Favorite

    Bedtime Story

    Recognize Me

    Knock Down, Drag Out

    Wizard Earl (screenplay)

    Mattie, or A Trail of Bread Crumbs

    Meet Me Halfway (evening of shorts)

    The Way Love Looks (evening of shorts)

    Motherless (in progress)

    Sisterhood (in progress)

    Hertha's Arc: An Electric Life (in progress)

    The Vote (in progress)


​Short Plays

    Sarah's Poem


    Take Cover

    Figures of Speech

    Check Your Ticket


    Waiting for the Punch Line

    Pretty Lucky

    Just Another Mourning

    Here Today


    It's All About Charlie

    On Water

    What You're Looking For


    Only the Good

    Coffee and Milk

    No Place for a Woman

    You Came Back

    Paid Off

    Water Crossing


    Your Soup, Sir

    Grounds for Play

    Just Like Shirley

    Not on the List

    The Midwife

    The Real Treasure

    Running the Race 

    Jury Duty 

    Introducing Mr. Whitman 

    Reasonable Doubts







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